How To Avoid A Tax Time Computer Crash

February is upon us which means it time to start working on filing income taxes for the last year. I hope you had income! Keeping records in an accounting program and database is the way to go for most of us. That is why it is so critical to have current backups of all your data and files. The last thing you want is to have your harddrive die or computer crash and take all the information you need for filing your income tax return when it goes.

Some files can be backed up to CD/DVD. Or you could use a flash drive or SD card if your computer has a card reader. My 27 inch iMac I got free has one. Even better is a couple of external hard drives. Take one off site to keep it safe.

Please backup your computer. The external drive does you no good at all sitting in the box or not connected.
A faithful backup schedule (at least weekly) will save you alot of grief if that computer crash comes…and they always come.

Macbook Air Offer Now Available

Here is a current offer for a free Macbook Air. These are great featherweight computers from Apple.
I really like the aluminum unibody construction and the instant on because of the SSDs (Solid State Drives). The one thing I am hoping that Apple adds back in the next revision is the backlight in the keyboard. Otherwise I would have one of these already.